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Gear Locker is a non-profit association. It was created with the intention of helping players in their daily practice of Airsoft and to open them to the different ways of playing. Fair-play and sharing are its fundamental principles.

In this respect, Gear Locker is part of the “Airsoft Responsable” collective which advocates for a healthy practice of Airsoft.

06 To that end, the association created two devices.


PC_YO The Gear Locker Web-TV

Gear Locker is a web-TV-based Airsoft encyclopedia aimingto help players, whether they are new or experienced. It is not destined to review products but rather to deal with Airsoft-related knowledge through tutorials regarding  :

    • – Player supervision and Airsoft culture,
    • – Game techniques and epuipment,
    • – Tinkering and Do-It-Yourself tips



Users Associative partners


The purpose of partnerships between associations is to improve their visibility between themselves and to players in order to develop a creative cooperation. Our team selects those associations based on their ethical code and their involvement in the discipline. Once selected, they will be featured in our section “Partners”, where you will be able to find a brief description of the association, their logo, their geographic location and a link to their website. As privileged partners, they will have the opportunity to appear at the end of certain episodes as characters.

Backed by the FFA (French Federation of Airsoft) and the FédéGN (French Federation of Live-Action Roleplay), the “Gear Locker” web-TV is available via :


Twice a month!


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You can contribute to the show in three different ways : – By submitting episode topics. You can send your suggestions via email at : – By appearing at the end of an episode. For this, you need to be a member of one of Gear Locker’s associative partners. – By getting behind the camera. You can join Gear Locker’s film crew by sending us an email.


GEAR LOCKER is financed through sponsoring. Why ?

Two requirements led us towards such a system :


First, we want our web-TV to be entirely free. It’s a matter of ethics and philosophy ! Secondly, we want to share with our viewers our taste for beautiful pictures and for theatrical production, of which Airsoft is close.



Making neat videos and having a great studio require time, material means and skills. To succeed, we’ve had to hire professionals.

That’s why sponsoring presented itself as the only viable option. It consists in granting a company some space on the website for their logo, for which they give a sum that will exclusively be used to produce the show (loaning and purchasing equipment, paying the technicians’ salary, welcoming the various teams that will appear during episodes…)



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